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    Mlekara Moravica d.o.o. is located in Arilje, in the industrial zone, Stevana Čolovića Street 51.

    The dairy produces healthy pasteurized milk, yogurt, sour milk, sweet and sour cream, several types of cheese, cream cheese, kaymak, butter and paprika in sour cream. We collect raw milk from our subcontractors – farmers from the Zlatibor region, which ensures the highest quality of our products. Using the up-to-date international methods and technologies in milk processing, with the work of a professional team of employees which includes even four technologists, we process 20,000 liters of milk per day. All this in the existing modern facility whose construction began in 2002. and completed in 2005. The object which comprises manufacturing facilities, a facility for packing finished products, a warehouse – chamber for storing finished products, warehouse for raw materials, also includes a business-administrative premises with modern equipped offices.

    The company has 40 full-time employees, engages 10 transport companies and daily processes 20,000 liters of milk, whose quality has been confirmed by the geographical origin of the Zlatibor region and numerous awards and gold medals from fair events both in the country and abroad. The world-class technology, as well as a team of experts led by the experienced technologists, allows us to process high-quality milk into dairy products recognizable by their unique taste and packaging that preserves quality.

    With the constant improvement of manufacturing facilities and manufacturing technology, following the latest achievements in the global dairy industry as well as the consumers demands and tastes, Mlekara Moravica d.o.o. constantly enriches the range of its products, the winners of numerous awards at all fair events. We must point out receiving the international recognition for the quality and technology of the Golden Trophy – The Arch of Europe from Frankfurt, and medal Champion of the quality for the sour cream product with 20% milk fat in 0.2 l packaging at the Novi Sad fair, which received a maximum of 100 points in a very tough competition with companies from Serbia and from the region.

    One of the best proofs of the quality of our products is the fact that our users are health institutions, preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools, the Army of the Republic of Serbia, student dormitories, centers for social work. We are most proud of the fact that we can provide our youngest population with quality, healthy and safe products. As one of our slogans says – Healthy youth is the greatest joy!

    Besides the already mentioned, our customers are numerous shops, bakeries, hotels, catering facilities and large retail chains – Delhaize Serbia with its Maxi and Tempo retail, then Mercator, Aman, Dis, Metalac Proleter.



    In December 1992, Mlekara Moravica d.o.o. started its business as the artisan milk processing shop “Moravica”, all based on the idea of Novak Vranešević, who devised the way of doing business for the dairy and conveyed his ideas to his son Nenad, who continued working on the improvement and development of the family business. In the beginning, only 200 liters of milk were processed per day, with manufacturing located in the family home.

    In 2002 the construction of a new office space and manufacturing facilities in Arilje was started, where the dairy is still located today. With the introduction of modern technologies and constant investment in the manufacturing process, carefully listening to our customer demands, today we have reached the processing of about 20,000 liters of milk per day.

    In 2006, the HACCP food safety management system was introduced, which strengthening thus our commitment to ensure quality and health-safe products.

    In the meantime, three new facilities were built next to the existing one, a warehouse with an area of 460 sq.meters for safe products storage and raw materials. A facility for packaging finished products was also built with the most modern equipment for packaging milk and dairy products, which will significantly facilitate the manufacturing and technological process. The facility was commissioned in 2014. The trust of consumers we gained at the very beginning with the exquisite quality of our products, we cherish carefully, taking care that a satisfied consumer is our first commitment and objective.

    That way of doing business led us to became the winner of the world recognition gold trophy for quality and technology – Arch of Europe, as well as the awards Champion of Quality of the Novi Sad Fair, Trophy for Quality of the Novi Sad Fair, and numerous gold medals for quality and other awards won at fair events in the country and abroad.

    In 2017 and 2018, “Mlekara Moravica” doo was chosen among the 10 best entrepreneurs in Serbia in a selection organized by the daily newspaper “Blic” and whose jury consisted of many economic experts, members of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance.

    In 2018, a food safety management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 22000:2007 was introduced. The certificate was issued by the certified company TMS CEE doo. ISO 22000 integrates not only HACCP and ISO 9001, but deals with the prediction and analysis of a large number of external factors and hazards that, not only can threaten food safety, but can also negatively affect the manufacturing process, company finances and employees.

    We started with the manufacturing of cheese and butter, thus expanding the range of our products.

    In 2019, a modern wastewater treatment facility with the most modern technology was put into operation. That being done, we fulfilled one of the goals of our business – environmental protection and habitat health. We have started distributing our products in the territory of Belgrade and its surroundings, encountering very positive reactions from consumers.


    Both in the past and in the future, two sentences best describe our mission and vision:

    Healthy, as natural food as possible, without artificial colors, flavors and additives.
    Maintaining product quality and health safety.

    That was our goal from the beginning, from which we have not given up, nor in difficult times, nor today. Our products are natural and healthy, without harmful additives that the food industry is full of. The slogan we use “Protected by nature” is really justified because our products are made from the highest quality milk from the Zlatibor region.

    By creating a team of quality experts motivated to work, by developing partnership relations with subcontractors and distributors, by applying new technological achievements in the global dairy industry, by taking care of the state of the environment, and preventing its pollution and constantly reviewing the needs and satisfaction of customers, we always strive to increase the business efficiency while reducing operating costs.

    We will strive to motivate local farmers to increase livestock and, therefore, higher production through various incentives, providing loans for the purchase of necessary equipment and construction of facilities. By restoring farmers confidence in the cost-effectiveness of stock husbandry, only in this way, we can ensure high quality raw materials for the future.



    “Mlekara Moravica” d.o.o. employs 4 technologists, two of whom are food technology engineers. Some may say that is more than enough. However, in our opinion when it comes to skilled, experienced and work-oriented staff, is never enough. Those people are ready to constantly improve their skills, following new technological developments in the global dairy industry. This is the only way to achieve continuous quality and customer satisfaction, which has always been our top priority.

    The entire technological process takes place under strictly controlled conditions, according to quality and food safety standards. Taking care of safety and health at work, worker satisfaction and environment protection. Special attention is paid to the healthiness of the product, which is tested in our own laboratory, as well as regular controls in Specialist Institutes.



    ISO 22000

    Certificate that “Mlekara Moravica” d.o.o. introduced and implements a food safety management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 22000:2007. The certificate was issued by the certified company TMS CEE doo. The certification process was much more complex compared to the HACCP system certification, with the fact that obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate gives the company a great reputation and is recognized at the international level. ISO 22000 integrates not only HACCP and ISO 9001, but deals with the prediction and analysis of a large number of external factors and hazards that, not only can threaten food safety, but can also negatively affect the manufacturing process, company finances and employees.


    Golden Credit Excellence

    Certificate of golden creditworthiness excellence issued by “CompanyWall” doo, which confirms that “Mlekara Moravica” doo has continuously achieved excellent creditworthiness for three years, thus proving financial stability and gaining the trust of business partners.


    Credit Excellence AA+

    A certificate confirming that “Mlekara Moravica” doo is in the group of companies with the best credit rating AA+ in Serbia, and that it meets all the criteria for 2018 and belongs to the very top of credit rating excellence. Issued by the company “CompanyWall” doo, this certificate represents a valid certificate of this bonitente house, which is awarded to companies that meet strict economic and financial criteria.


    Excellent SME Serbia

    Mlekara Moravica d.o.o. has successfully passed the evaluation of the credit company Coface. Based on that, we were issued an Excellent SME Serbia web certificate. With this certificate, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce confirms that the company has fulfilled the conditions for issuing this certificate. The basis for issuing this certificate is a credit rating and regular monitoring by the credit rating company Coface.



    The Arch of Europe
    International award gold trophy for quality and technology. Won in 2009.

    Champion of quality of the Novi Sad Fair for 2007.
    for the product Sour cream with a minimum of 20% milk fat [plastic cup package 0.2 l]

    Gold medal of the Novi Sad Fair for 2007.
    for the product Yogurt 0.9% milk fat [1 liter bottle]

    Gold medal of the Novi Sad Fair for 2007.
    for the product Pasteurized milk 3.2% milk fat [ polyethylene film 1 liter]

    The 10 best entrepreneurs in Serbia for 2017.
    Selected by the daily newspaper “Blic”, whose jury consisted of members of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance.


    We invite all interested milk farmers from the Zlatibor and Moravički region, interested in supplying milk to the company “Mlekara Moravica” doo, to come to discuss possible cooperation. It will be our pleasure to welcome you and discuss cooperation for mutual benefit.



    Suffice it to say that we were among the first dairies in Serbia to start and complete the construction of wastewater treatment facility to protect our nature and our rivers. We understood it as a debt to nature, from which we take the best, and in this way we wanted to repay it. Three years of hard work, hiring of several consulting companies, invested time, effort and funds finally paid off. Thus, showing that as a socially responsible company it is not only profit and personal benefit that is important to us, but above all the health of the population and our environment. The facility has been in operation since 2019, protecting nature, rivers, and groundwater.

    In addition to water, air is also important, in 2023 we completed the installation of solar panels, enabling the use of clean, renewable energy in manufacturing. With this, we once again confirmed our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The use of solar panels has allowed us to generate electricity directly from sunlight, thus reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and the emission of harmful gases.




    There are many interpretations of what constitutes a socially responsible company. Businesses, both large and small, have a significant impact on many aspects of people’s lives and work. The responsibility is great. At the same time, food industry companies have a special social responsibility, since their task is to provide consumers with healthy and safe food, while preserving a healthy environment, but also to take care of the social community in which they operate..

    We consider a company to be successful if it fulfills three things. First, the satisfaction of the customers requirements through direct communication with them, listening to their wishes and needs, respecting their suggestions. Second, improving business productivity through the application of modern technological solutions, creating a team of quality experts, encouraging employees to become part of a unique, i.e. joint mission. Third, but not least, social responsibility. Successful companies take care of their workers, their families, environmental protection, consumer health, and the development of healthy competitive relations.

    In this sense, we consider ourselves a successful company.

    We care about the cleanliness of our rivers, we were among the first dairies to start and finish the construction of a wastewater treatment facility that has been in operation since 2019. We care about sports, we have been a sponsor of many sports actions, tournaments, competitions. We take care of our employees, they all have protective equipment, means for safety and health at work, equipment and working environment conditions are regularly tested. About our youngest, we were the sponsor of many school and preschool events.

    Installing solar panels, we showed that in addition to water, air is also important, enabling the use of clean, renewable energy in manufacturing.

    Passing through Arilje and the surrounding villages, you can often see baskets hoops on playgrounds with the Mlekara Moravica branding. These basket hoops are mostly used by schoolchildren, youth and even the youngest who are just taking their first steps in sports. Every year, we organize the distribution of packages for the children of our employees and our associates. Our hearts are full when we see a smile on the face of the youngest.

    Healthy youth is the greatest joy!





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    Moravica Partneri

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